SharePoint 2013 – How to add SSL to a Web Application

Here are some things that need to be done to make SSL work and to remove the ability to hit any sites via NON-SSL.  I recommend these settings if you guys plan to run SSL inside the corporate network for the 2013 instance of SharePoint.

Go to IIS on the WFE and do the following:

  • On the SharePoint – 80 site→ Edit Bindings


  • In the Site Bindings dialogue, click Add → in the Type drop down, select https→ in the SSL Certificate drop down, select your cert.


  • It should look like this when you’re done


  • Next, on the SharePoint – 80 site, click on SSL settings


  • Select the check box for Require SSL


  • Launch the CA.  Go to Application Management → Alternate Access Mappings → Edit Public URLs


  • Under Alternate Access Mapping Collection, select SharePoint – 80.
  • Change the Default to to the SSL site URL (e.g.,  Make sure intranet, internet, custom and extranet are blank.  Click Save.


  • Go back to the WFE and perform an IISReset
  • When IIS returns, launch the CA.  Remember, after an IISReset SharePoint sites, including the CA, take a minute to launch on the first time in
  • When the CA launches, click on General Application Settings → Farm Search Administration→ Search Service Application→ Content Sources →Local SharePoint sites → Under Start Addresses, change to  Then run a full crawl.


That should do it.



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